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About Simply Broken

Founded by people who know how it feels

Technology for hearts and minds

Why do people still suffer, get sick, and in some cases commit suicide if there are thousands of technology solutions to support mental and emotional health?

This was the question that sparked the creation of Simply Broken. We believe technology is under appreciated and under utilised in the mental health space. We also believe the reasons for this are:

  • Finding the relevant solution is hard
  • The reliability of the solution is unclear, and
  • Technology is not an integrated part of treatment plans

It is our goal to create instant, universal access to relevant help for moods, emotions, and mental health. We are starting by researching and developing new leading technologies together with academics, health professionals, and gaming and technology industry experts.

Built for people who need help by people who have needed help

We have been in your shoes

Everyone working in Simply Broken has experienced either their own mental health challenges or had someone close to them go through something. We believe this gives us a deeper sense of empathy for what our users are going through, what the benefits and frustrations are with modern treatment methods, and also use apps and technology to keep on top of our own unique experiences.

You can read more about some of our experiences in the blog section