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Understand your company’s mental health while providing self care tools to your employees or members

A proactive approach to employee / member health

Challenges in mental health are a leading cause of sick days and medical leave globally, and with the impact of isolation and uncertainty from COVID-19 this problem is only growing. For organisations, you often do not know the state of your employee’s / member’s mental health until it is already too late. 
Imagine a dashboard aggregating the overall mental health status and trends of your organisations. You can see trends, break those down into department level, engage at the first signs of people struggling, and understand the mental impact of business decisions and activities such as lost contracts, changed strategies, and reorganisations.
All this is possible by giving each person in your organisation an opportunity to track their own mental health and get access to a toolbox of technology solutions tailored to their individual needs and personality. They get support at every step of life’s ups and downs, you get insights and a chance to engage proactively, and together your organisation and its people can thrive.

Support your employees / members at home and work

We provide an automated system that connects your people to treatment, disorder, and personality specific applications and online tools to support good mental health.

Build insights to proactively address mental health needs

Your people can choose to track key symptoms, activities, or triggers affecting their mental health. You get an aggregated view of this information across your organisation identifying hot spots and proactive ways to engage.

Integrate your organisation's specific offers

Many organisations have agreements with treatment providers and specific tools or apps targeting their people. Our platform integrates these capabilities so you get the highest use and adoption of support you have invested in already.


We are currently running proof of concept projects with interested organisations. Please contact us for more information.